Omega Audio Bible

The OMEGA AUDIO PLAYER is unique solar powered audio player especially developed for mission organizations requiring audio Bible and/or multi-lingual content! 

The OMEGA AUDIO BIBLE is developed by a group of mission workers, engineers and entrepreneurs who are inspired by the open-source movement. We collaborate to develop and produce tools which meet the ministry needs of Christian churches and organisations. It’s our goal to develop the best technology available at the most value for mission organizations! Read more about the Omega project


… was developed with 4 key values in mind: engineering for single-use mission application, durability, economic value and open collaboration.

…is a solar powered player and that can be used completely off-the-grid. Thanks to its powerful mono-crystalline solar-panel (120mAh), it can charge the high-capacity internal battery quickly. It charges roughly in half of play-time (2 hours of charge give you about 1 hour of play-time through the speaker). The Omega Audio Bible can be used with a larger group but it also features an earphone plug. 

… uses a 3 level folder structure for file storage and audio management. This means that switching between different language versions or between different types of content (e.g. Bible and other content) is simply a matter of pushing one button. 

…is engineered for durability and made splash resistant so that it will operate as long as possible. We work with experienced engineers, field tests and end user input to create the best possible device.