About the Omega project

The Omega Audio Bible is the result of a unique collaboration between mission workers, technology specialists and entrepreneurs.

This collaborative effort started with the vision to take the profit motive out of designing and developing audio Bibles to make them as affordable as possible for mission organizations. The Omega Audio Player is the result of years of volunteer collaboration by Christian ministers, business men, engineers, and even a philosopher! We all contributed towards the conceptualization, engineering, development, testing and refinement of this player without compensation with the goal of producing the most effective player with the highest value for Christian missions.

While the manufacturer in China makes a profit from the manufacturing of these players, we as the Omega Project group don’t profit from the sale of audio Bibles in China (FOB China) in any way, neither through commissions or in any other form such as kick-backs. Please note that this applies only when you buy directly from China at F.O.B. terms.  If you order from one of our distributors there will likely be some kind of “handling fee” to cover expenses (for example, it may cover “licensing fees” for content they may load on the Bibles, etc.), but they since they are set-up as independent distributors, we don’t control if and how much of a profit they make. 

What’s the larger vision for your group?

In the future, it’s our goal to develop and manufacture other affordable and effective technology for missions while building a network of resources in an collaborative or “open-source” spirit. We see opportunities for the development of hardware based on volunteer and collaborative effort. Likewise we want to encourage and work with organizations which create and distribute content under an open or creative-commons type of license. One of our sources of inspiration is the book The Christian Commons which is a challenge to un-lock and open-source access to the Bible. 

How do I support your collaborative effort?

  • If you’d like to contribute your skills, talents and time, then please contact us. For example: we would like to start a blog about audio Bibles and how to use them, but we are looking for a person who could write/manage it.
  • If you’d like to contribute financially, then we will ask you to wire the money directly to the manufacturer in China for the manufacturing of audio Bibles for distribution. For instance, if you choose to wire $1500.00, then we will increase the volume of the current or next production run by about 100 audio Bibles.
    You cannot send money to the collaborative group since our collaborative movement is a network of like-minded individuals, not a  formal organization. We choose to contribute to the movement on a volunteer basis (pro buono). Please contact us for more information.