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  • for orders from China: By default, there is no content on the players when they ship. However, the manufacturer will load the players with the content that you provide him with or give you the password to the players so that you can upload the content to the players yourself. 
  • for orders from distributors: Each distributor is free to handle this as they wish. If you provide the distributor with the content, they can load the players with your content or give you the password so that you can load the units yourself.



The audio Bible without useful audio content (audio files) is useless just as much as the audio content is useless without the content. With the Omega Audio Bible, we are making a step of progress towards solving the hardware side, but it’s important that we as a Christian community focus even more so on the audio content side. 

Today, one of the big “bottle necks” in making the Gospel available to Unreached People Groups and Unengaged People Groups is the lack of freely available audio Bible translations. In some cases, audio Bible does not exist (or only small parts) and in other cases, the audio Bible files are not released by the owner of the copyrights. 

It’s critical that the Christian community commits to working on license free audio Bible content or Bible content that is published under the Christian commons. To learn more about the Christian commons, read Tim Jore’s book: “The Christian Commons”:

On this website, we plan to gather as many links as possible to other sites where you can find resources to audio files for Christian missions (i.e. Bible recordings in heart languages, oral Bible Stories, etc.), as well resources to help you with oral methodologies for discipling programs.

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Ethnologue SIL International lists all living languages, lists Bible translations in each language   prayer guide to each country in the world
Global Mapping Intl. (GMI)   databases for missions and church planting N/A
The Joshua Project (formerly part of AD2000) U.S. Center of World Missions highlights ethnic uups for church planting purposes
Global Research Center IMB  
Issachar Initiative   maintains database and connects donors with “count for zero” organizations)  



Note: please let us know if you’d like us to add your website link or if you’d like to request a change on the information provided below. 

WEC Intern. sending missionaries to indigenous and UPGs
LifeWords SGM (formerly Scripture Gift Mission and then as SGM Lifewords) prepares and distributes Bible resources for target audiences
Intern. Missionary Council (IMC; incorp. into WCC in 1961) became part of WCC together with Life/Word and Faith/Order  N/A
Global Recordings Network (GRN; formerly “Gospel Recordings”) huge resource of audio recordings
New Tribes Mission (NTM) sends missionaries to tribes that have never heard the Gospel (oral learners)
Wycliffe Bible Translators (in 1991 Wycliffe Intl. and 2011 Wycliffe Global Alliance) translating and distributing the Bible
United Bible Societies works with national Bible societies to translate the Bible and distribute resources
Every Home For Christ (EHFC) sends missionaries to bring the Gospel to every home and plants churches
Trans World Radio (TWR) mass media for Christ (radio, internet, etc.)
OC International (One Challenge) research and training to indigenous church leaders for effective missions
World Council of Churches  world-wide fellowship of churches, incl. mainline and evangl. protestant churches and pentecostals
Voice of Peace (VOP) first cassette ministry; now predominantly products radio and TV content in Thailand
Audio Scripture Ministries (ASM – formerly “Portable Recording Min.”) records and distributes audio Bibles
The Spoken Word of God (SWOG) radio minstry; recording and distribution of audio Bibles
Faith comes by hearing (formerly “Hasanna”) recordings in heart-languages, discipleship programs and distribution of audio Bibles
Christian Aid Mission first global organization assisting native missionaries; focused on reaching the unreached
Jesus Film Project distributes the “Jesus Film” in many heart languages of the world
Pioneer Bible Translators combines Bible translation ministries with church planting (McGavran)
World Cassette Outreach of India records and distributes audio Bibles primarily in India
Mini-Bible College offers a complete survey of the Bible and other teachings free of charge online
Global Mapping Project (GMI) sends missionaries to indigenous and UPGs
Scripture in Use (SIU) training local, oral leaders through storytelling in unreached people groups
E3 Partners (formerly “Global Missions Fellowship”) sends missionaries to plant churches in unreached people groups
Talking Bible (formerly Audio Scriptures Intern.) records and distributes audio bibles
Forum of Bible Agencies International  brings Bible agencies together for cooperation and sets standards of translation
The Seed Company (subsidiary of Wycliffe USA) links donors with Bible translation projects by local people
Renew Outreach  develops media presentation and development tools to spread the Gospel
The God Story Project (TGSP)  creates DVDs and audio recordings of Bible stories in native languages
Wordproject royalty free online translations of the Bible; intial focus was China, now it’s global
Table 71 cooperative strategy centered on orality and Bible storying
International Orality Network (ION; formerly Oral Bible Network OBN)
Story Runners creates oral story translations
The Luke Partnership
Story4All Podcasts about church-planting progress amongst the oral, unreached people groups
OneStory representatives of Table 71 and ION strategically coordinating the reaching of the UPGs
Simply the Story (STS)
T4Global creates audio teaching programs for oral and unreached people groups
Ethne 06
The Visual Story Network (VSM) connects media ministries and focuses on strategic use of film in ministries
Davar Partners audio Scripture engagement programs in UPG’s
Every Tribe Every Nation
Unleashed for the Unengaged (U4theU) (formerly
Renew Outreach   http:///
Rhema for the Nations
IMB (Orality Network)