Cost and where to Buy

What’s the cost of the Omega Bible?


Units 1-99 units

(incl. samples)

100-499 units 500+ units
Cost (all unit costs based on FOB China) $20.00/unit $18.00/unit starting at ca. $15.00/unit*


How to buy the Omega Audio Bible?


Orders for up to 500 units:

Smaller orders can be placed directly from our freight forwarder in China who warehouses a small amount of stock: 

Mrs Lily Sheng



Tel: +86 755-8617 1149

Fax: +86 755 8621 2500


For orders of at least 500 units

The cost for the 8GB version is approximately $15.90/unit FOB China. The min. order is 3000 units with the manufacturer in China but inquire with us so we can bundle the orders. The exact cost depends on the applicable flash-price since the cost for flash fluctuates from day to day as well as on the accessories (i.e. ear-phones, etc.). When you are ready to place an order, we will request the manufacturer to email you a quotation. Please keep in mind that the lead-time is about 8-12 weeks upon placing the deposit. For a quotation, contact us

Download the COST ESTIMATOR SHEET here to get an estimate based on your configuration: Omega-Audio-Bible-PI-Packson-05-06-17

For instance, the cost of an Omega Audio Bible is less than $16.80.00/unit based on 8GB of memory including headphones and lanyard. The exact price depends on your configuration (i.e. accessories and options). Please note that the exact cost of flash-memory fluctuates and we will give you a exact quotation when you are ready to place an order.