Where to Buy

How to buy the Omega Audio Bible?

Orders of at least 1000 units will be bundled with other orders to meet the manufacturer’s min. order requirement of 3000 units and ship directly from China. Smaller orders will have to be placed from a distributor. 

For orders of at least 1000 units: contact us.
Orders for fewer than 1000 units: contact one of our distributors.

What’s the cost of the Omega Audio Bible?

The cost for the 8GB version is approximately $17.30/unit FOB China. The min. order is 3000 units with the manufacturer in China but inquire with us so we can bundle the orders. The exact cost depends on the applicable flash-price since the cost for flash fluctuates from day to day. When you are ready to place an order, we will request the manufacturer to give you an exact quotation. Please keep in mind that the lead-time is about 8-12 weeks upon placing the deposit.

You can find all the details in this file.

Why is the Omega Audio Bible more expensive when I buy them from a distributor?

The cost of $16.80/unit is based on FOB China (price at the factory in China) which excludes shipping cost, duties, and taxes. In some cases, there are additional costs for “content” (i.e. licensed files that the distributor adds) and some distributors charge a handling fee to cover their time and expenses. However, it’s up to each distributor how they choose to price the audio Bible.

If you think that a distributor is adding too much profit, then you are free to source the players directly in China at the most favorable cost and become a distributor yourself. We don’t control the distribution and no distributor has exclusive rights of distribution (either geographically or otherwise). If you’d like to qualify as a distributor, we only ask that the players are being sold to Christian organizations and used accordingly and that you meet the min. order quantity of 1000 units when placing the order in China.
Please note that Omega Audio Bible is not affiliated with any of the distributors and we are NOT liable for services provided by the distributors. You are buying from any third party at your own risk.

How do you cover warranty issues?

Warranty claims must be handled by the distributor who sold you the player. If you purchased directly from China, then you also qualify for warranty service. With each order in China, we will add 5% of the cost to your invoice and manufacture 5% of audio Bibles in excess to your order and stock these units to cover potential warranty cases in the future.

For instance, if you placed an order for 1000 units, then you will be charged for 1050 units and we will add the 50 units to the stock which we will keep at the factory in China. Once we reach a large number of thousands of players in stock, we will start giving the excess players away to mission organizations of our choosing.