Frequently Asked Questions about the Omega Audio Bible

I ordered the Omega Audio Bible from a distributor. Can I change the content?

The distributor from whom you ordered the Omega Audio Bible can give you specific instructions about changing the content.

What does “collaboration” mean?

In our case it means that we are a group of individuals who share a common vision and work together on this project. We are not a company or organisation, each one of us contributes something voluntarily to the project.

Why is Open Content/Creative Commons important?

Christians all over the world use 21st century technology to openly collaborate in the creation of unrestricted biblical content in any language. These unrestricted biblical resources—the Christian Commons—can be legally translated, adapted, built on, revised, redistributed, and used, by anyone, without hindrance, today. Unrestricted biblical resources can reach more people, in less time, with less expense, more effectively. (From The Christian Commons book.) The Omega Audio Bible is a tool which can be used to distribute unrestricted audio-scriptures.

How do I become a distributor?

Please contact us and we will give you all the information you need.

How can I reduce import tax?

You can reduce import tax by importing the players un-assembled.

Can I give product feedback? 

We are eager to hear from you and learn more about how we can improve the player. Please contact us.