PURCHASE ORDERS / UNIT COSTS FOR OMEGA AUDIO BIBLE based on 8GB of memory, incl. head-phones and lanyard. 


SHIPPING FROM up to 500 units,

(applies to samples as well)

up to 1000 units over 1000 units email notes
CHINA  $20.00/unit $18.00/unit  



quotation@OmegaAudioBible.com *when placing 1000 units or more: download the cost-estimator sheet below where you can see the cost of accessories and options. Send us an email for a specific quotation based on current flash-memory costs 

Small quantities will ship directly from China from an independent freight forwarder who offered to stocks audio players for sample shipments

GLOBAL DISTRIBUTOR please inquire  please inquire please inquire distributor@OmegaAudioBible.com unit costs will be a bit higher due to duties, taxes and service options offered by distributors

Note 05/06/17: cost increased by 50 cents/unit. We’re going to employ a faster IC (first batches were a bit slow when pressing BOOK/CHAPTER buttons) and files can be sequenced by Date or Numbers. 

For costs of at least 1000 units,  download the COST ESTIMATOR SHEET here to get an estimate based on your configuration: Omega-Audio-Bible-PI-Packson-05-06-17

For instance, the cost of an Omega Audio Bible is less than $16.80.00/unit based on 8GB of memory including headphones and lanyard. The exact price depends on your configuration (i.e. accessories and options). Please note that the exact cost of flash-memory fluctuates and we will give you a exact quotation when you are ready to place an order. 



The freight forwarding company below has given us good service in the past but we are not affiliated with the them and you are free to use the freight forwarding company of your choice.  Please note that we do not take responsibility for shipments, duties and taxes.


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